Highland Senior Citizens Network: our service as we emerge from COVID-19 (Coronavirus) period 

We are now beginning to hold and to attend small face-to-face events, and we welcome invitations from groups and communities across Highland to come along and hear what matters to you.

We are continuing to hold our online Highland Hello Tea Break every Thursday from 11 until 12. Contact Anne - anne-hscn@outlook.com if you want to join us.

We can also help our member groups with online meetings if they need this kind of support. 

Our Co-ordinators are available by phone:

Anne McDonald [07933 653313]  Jo Cowan [07933 653585] 

or e-mail: anne-hscn@outlook.com or jo-hscn@outlook.com

Our Highland Senior Citizens Network phone continues to be available

[07716 884 989] and you can e-mail on hscn@hotmail.co.uk

We encourage our members, and those who support older people in Highland, to continue to get in touch with us to tell us about new information, initiatives and sources of help; to relay any difficulties in accessing information or services; and to share news of involvement and resilience in your community or your organisation. 

We circulate regular News-sheets to keep in touch with our membership and to share news and information. Click here for our newsletter page.

A message from our Chair, Dr Ian McNamara

HSCN has been successfully campaigning on issues that impact senior citizens for almost 25 years. As the over 55s become a larger proportion of the population, it is more important than ever that our voice is heard. The words ‘Growing Ageing Population’ are invariably rolled off the tongues of politicians and service providers when the lack of services for our age group is questioned. By engaging with us in a constructive way we will be seen as part of the solution, not the problem.


Join us today to make your voice heard.




HSCN Constitution is available by clicking here:


Data Protection and Privacy Policy


In 2015 we appointed two Co-ordinators to assist the Chairman and the Board of Trustees to network communities in Highland Region.  

They are : 


  Anne McDonald  

  Contact: 07933 653313

  Email: anne-hscn@outlook.com

   Co-ordinator for Caithness and Sutherland

  East,  Mid and Wester Ross and Inverness




  Jo Cowan

  Contact: 07933 653585

  Email: jo-hscn@outlook.com

  Co-ordinator for Lochaber, Skye and  

  Lochalsh, Badenoch and Strathspey, 

  Nairn and Inverness




Highland Older People’s Groups Get-Togethers

An opportunity for older people’s groups to come together and look at common issues, share information about local services and suggest content and activities for future gatherings in your area. 

Facilitated by Highland Senior Citizens Network & Age Scotland

We held a really successful programme of Get-Togethers over the years 2015 - 2020, facilitating meetings in Inverness, Caithness, Badenoch & Strathspey, Lochaber, Skye and Lochalsh, Nairn, Sutherland, East, West and Mid-Ross. 

We are now planning our future programme of meetings and events, and are happy to hear from groups and communities who would like to meet with us.

If you have any issues which you wish to share with Highland Senior Citizens Network, please feel free to contact our Co-ordinators:

Anne        anne-hscn@outlook.com or (07933 653313)

Jo            jo-hscn@outlook.com or (07933 653585)



                       CRABBIT OLD WOMAN



"Crabbit Old Woman", also variously titled "Look Closer", "Look Closer Nurse", "Kate", "Open Your Eyes" or "What Do You See?"is a poem written in 1966 by Phyllis McCormack, then working as a nurse in Sunnyside Hospital, Montrose. The poem is written in the voice of an old woman in a nursing home who is reflecting upon her life. Crabbit is Scots for "bad-tempered" or "grumpy".

HSCN in conjunction with Eden Court Theatre, Inverness created a short video of the poem to be shown at their annual Conference in April 2015. 



Who we are

A Highland-wide network of local voices, joined to be representative of the 77,000 people of the Highlands who are over 55.

We aspire to be independent, well-informed and credible; and above all, to truly empower the voices of senior citizens across Highland.

What we do

Celebrate our contribution to communities

Share good practice in enabling well-being

Inform, support  and achieve positive action for change

Ensure that our voice is heard and impacts decisions that affect us

Collectively advocate for vulnerable older adults to ensure their human rights are respected

How we work

We work with our members, to identify issues that impact their well being.

We undertake research projects to provide evidence for change: click to find out more.

We inform public sector bodies about what our members tell us, and campaign on issues.

Get involved!

Do you have an issue you feel must be addressed?

Do you want to help with our campaigns?

Do you have skills that can help with HSCN's work?

Let us know! or

Join us today to become a member

please save this file to your computer and email it to us at hscn@hotmail.co.uk


HSCN Online Tea Breaks Thursdays 11- 12

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